Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, who has been on the agenda with speculations about her, announced that she has been undergoing cancer treatment in recent months. King Charles, who took the throne after the death of Queen Elizabeth, is also struggling with cancer.

Stating that she had a difficult few months after receiving the news in the video message, the Princess of Wales explained that she had a great shock with the following words:

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"Cancer was detected in the tests performed after the surgery. For this reason, my medical team advised me to receive preventive chemotherapy and I am currently in the early stages of this treatment."

Some allegations were made about the health status of the Princess, who kept the treatment process secret. Lady Colin Campbell, who closely follows the royal family and is known for her biography of Princess Diana, made striking statements about the Princess's health condition.

"Katherine is very ill," said Lady Colin Campbell, suggesting that the Princess's health is worse than thought.

Campbell added: "The treatment is exhausting. She has to put herself aside to get better and take care of her three children. It's that simple, she is too sick to be active," Campbell continued.


On the other hand, it was a matter of curiosity whether the Princess will participate in the traditional "Trooping the Color" parade. Following Cambell's statements, it is estimated that the Princess will not be able to accompany her husband Prince William and their children George, Charlotte and Louis on the balcony.

Last year, King Charles took part in the ceremony as the British monarch for the first time.


On the other hand, the new portrait of Princess Kate, who is undergoing cancer treatment, drew reaction. Although the artist said he wanted to emphasize the Princess's "strength and nobility" in his work, "This painting does not look like the Princess of Wales at all. It is horrible and disrespectful."

Editor: David Goodman