Although the child had no known allergy to strawberries, it was reported that he started to have an allergic reaction after eating strawberries and developed a rash. The child, whose identity has not been made public, was taken to the emergency room by his family. Hours later, the child was discharged and sent home, but when his family tried to wake him up the next morning, they realized that he was not breathing. 

The battle of rats on the streets of New York! The battle of rats on the streets of New York!

At the same event at the school, it was also reported that several people went to a local hospital after eating strawberries. "While we were investigating, several staff members at the hospital told us that other people had come to the hospital complaining of rashes and other ailments associated with some type of allergic reaction and had eaten strawberries at a school event," the police department said. 

The Kentucky Department of Health announced it was investigating strawberries sold at the school event. "Currently, the Department of Public Health is taking strawberry samples to the state laboratory for testing," officials said.