In a statement made by the Metropolitan Police, it was reported that 9 people, including 2 children, were injured in the attack in Clapham, south of London, using a "corrosive substance", the identity of the perpetrator has not yet been determined. In the statement, it was noted that 4 adults, including a woman, 2 children and 3 police officers were hospitalized. It was stated that the police officers were slightly injured.

Detective Chief Inspector Alexander Castle said in a statement that the police are utilizing all resources to catch the attacker and added: "Our work continues to determine what led to this terrible incident." Castle stated that they believe that a "corrosive substance" was used in the incident, but tests to determine the substance are ongoing.

In the news in the country's press, it was noted that 3 of the injured people were those who went to help at the scene.

London City Councilor Marina Ahmad, in a post on her social media account X, stated that a man threw "acid" at people in a car involved in a traffic accident.