World Pizza competition was organised in Argentina. In the competition, pizza making was combined with acrobatics and colourful images emerged.

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Organised in the capital Buenos Aires, the competition saw participation from 14 countries including Italy, Ecuador, Peru and Senegal. 174 pizza chefs showcased their skills

There were categories such as acrobatic freestyle and gourmet pizza in the championship. The most interesting part of the three-day competition was the acrobatic freestyle. Competitors showed their skills with the pizza dough they threw in the air.

Argentine pizza chef maximiliano mieres won the first place. saying that he was very happy, the chef said, "I have been training for many years. finally I was able to get on the podium and take the first place." Among the 30 jurors of the competition were chefs as well as well-known gourmets and journalists.

Editor: David Goodman