Joe Biden (80), who was shaken by the news that his rival Republicans would start impeachment proceedings against him during the week, is now in the crosshairs because of his son Hunter Biden. The Delaware District Court has issued an indictment against Biden's 53-year-old son Hunter on three charges related to a gun he purchased in 2018. Thus, for the first time in US history, the way was paved for the prosecution of the child of a sitting head of state.


Hunter Biden, whose name has been involved in scandals over drug addiction before, is charged with two counts of perjury in the indictment on the grounds that "he lied when he declared that he did not use drugs on the form he filled out when purchasing a firearm". The third charge is that Biden illegally obtained a firearm, again under false pretenses. Hunter Biden could face up to 25 years in prison and a fine of 750 thousand dollars if he is found guilty of all three counts in the indictment prepared by David Weiss, the prosecutor specially appointed to the investigation. However, since the charges are non-violent and it is Biden's first indictment, he is not expected to be sentenced at the upper limit.