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Many actors, musicians and artists around the world have condemned Israel's hospital attack in Gaza, which killed hundreds of people, in posts on their social media accounts.

They also called on the international community to intervene urgently to protect the safety and rights of Palestinians.

British actor and rapper Riz Ahmed condemned Israel's attacks on Gaza in a post on his Instagram account, saying, "What is happening now in Gaza and what has been happening for decades in occupied Palestine is horrific and wrong. The depth and reality of this suffering cannot be ignored."

Ahmed called for an end to the indiscriminate attacks on civilians and vital infrastructure in Gaza, as well as the disruption of food, water and electricity supplies:

"If we only look in one direction, we will sink deeper into darkness. But this is exactly what is happening now. Civilians in Gaza, half of them children, are being asked to turn away as their time is running out. If we are on the side of humanity, we must raise our voices and prevent innocent lives from dying."

Describing Israel's attacks as "morally indefensible war crimes", Ahmed said, "We must put ourselves in the shoes of the people of Gaza now, before it is too late." and argued that remaining silent will not be the solution.

Riz Ahmed said that he will post on his account links to his website to help Palestine, analyses by peace experts of different persuasions, and the voices of civilians in the war zone.

US actress Jennifer Garner shared the Save The Children organization's post "Schools and hospitals must be protected" on her Instagram account.

In his social media posts, US comedian Rami Youssef emphasized that nothing can justify the targeting of the hospital and said, "Hospitals are not targets. This blood must stop, enough is enough."

US actor Mark Ruffalo, on the other hand, said UNICEF's "Time is running out for children in Gaza. UNICEF calls for an immediate humanitarian pause and free passage to provide life-saving services to children."

Musician Della Miles wrote on her Instagram account, "In the name of the Almighty God, I pray for an end to this massacre. War is fought between two countries that have enough power and material for conflict. In the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, only one side can protect itself."

Emphasizing that the Palestinians have no protection, Miles said, "How can we allow this imbalance, which is nothing but a massacre?"

US actor and comedian Aasif Mandvi expressed his sorrow over the recent developments and said, "Anyone who justifies or chooses to ignore the Israeli government's ethnic cleansing of 2 million Palestinians (half of them children) has lost their humanity."

US actress Nicola Peltz posted on social media, "Think peace, practice peace, spread peace and dream peace."

Famous Hollywood actor John Cusack, on his X account, shared his observations from the march in support of Palestine in Chicago with the following words:

"Let me tell you what I didn't hear at the demonstration I attended. I didn't hear chants of death to Israel and death to the Jews. The only thing I heard were chants that we must liberate Palestine from this brutal occupation. People were worried about their loved ones in a place that had turned into hell and was without water, without food, without electricity. I witnessed people sharing personal stories of family members who had been imprisoned, humiliated, harassed, persecuted, targeted and killed for generations."

British comedian Shazia Mirza also called on her Instagram account to donate to humanitarian missions in Palestine.

Palestinian oud trio Le Trio Joubran posted on their Instagram account, "We are shocked, speechless and shocked as we witness the tragedy unfolding in Palestine. The world is witnessing a horrific genocide of the Palestinian people, reminiscent of the Nakba. How can we as a global community stand by and watch the systematic extermination of an entire people? How have we turned our backs on our common humanity?" the statement said.