Last month, a security meeting was held in the Etobicoke neighborhood of Toronto, Canada, as home and automobile burglaries increased. At this meeting, police officer Marco Ricciardi suggested that citizens keep their keys in a place where they can find them to avoid coming face to face with burglars.


"If you don't want to be attacked in your own home, leave your keys at the front door because they are breaking into your house to steal your car and nothing else.Most of them have real guns and are loaded with bullets, these are not toys."

When these words appeared on social media, many people reacted against the police.One person wrote on X, formerly Twitter, "This advice is weird.  Why don't we leave our keys behind the door, or better yet, on the car?"

Another said, "This kind of madness happens in failed states. Hey guys, can you make it easier for your cars to be stolen so they don't break into your house? Thank you."

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Toronto Police became a trending topic on X with these posts. Thousands of posts expressed outrage.

Toronto Police issued an official statement on Wednesday, emphasizing that measures can be taken beyond the controversial advice of the police officer. These included parking cars in garages if possible, installing security cameras, and not announcing it on social media when going on vacation.

Statistics show that auto thefts in the Greater Toronto Area increased by 25 percent in 2023 compared to the previous year. In addition, the increase in home burglaries during this period reached 400 percent.