An interesting house sale advertisement was found in the UK real estate market.

Peter Robinson, who lives in England, put his house in Hampshire up for sale for £ 3.95 million. This price includes the Harrier II GR7 fighter jet, for which he spent more than 100 thousand pounds in 2015. 

The retired mathematician says he has had a lifelong passion for the fighter jet, which he considers a "garden ornament".

Speaking to the Times, Robinson, 56, said: "I'm a standard Harrier jet enthusiast who loves it and puts it outside the window. I don't think I'm different in many ways, I'm just lucky enough to have something really big in the window."

EvRobinson says he bought the plane, which was retired by the British Ministry of Defense in 2008, from a company in Ipswich and barely put it in his garden:

"It arrived in two trailers, much bigger than I had imagined. It looked so big I thought I had bought a Concorde and I thought, 'Oh my God, what have I done?

The fenced house has an area of about 740 square meters. It has 4 hectares of land, a pond and a 4-room outbuilding.

Robinson says that if the prospective buyer doesn't want the plane, he will either keep it for himself or donate it to a museum.