The father of the Lakers legend said he and Kobe's mother Pamela are in financial trouble and need the estimated $200,000 the ring could bring in to make ends meet. 

This is said to be an attempt to embarrass Kobe's widow Vanessa by gifting them part of the estimated $600 million estate Kobe left her when he died in a helicopter crash four years ago. 

There is no doubt that this is the latest chapter in Kobe's parents' tumultuous relationship with their son during his 20-year Lakers career and his marriage to Vanessa, whom he met in 1999 and married in 2001. His parents were famously absent from the wedding ceremony in Dana.

The auction firm that Joe and Pamela Bryant used to sell the same ring 11 years ago, and dozens of other Kobe-related items, put the 2000 championship ring up for sale on March 9. The initial bid was $33,000 and 12 bids were placed, later going as high as $94,000. The bidding will end on March 30.