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World-famous singer Britney Spears has often been on the agenda with the guardianship case in recent years. Even though she regained her freedom after 14 years in 2021, Spears made shocking allegations about her father.

Finally, it was stated that Jamie Spears, the famous singer's father, was hospitalized.

A source close to the Spears Family said Jamie was extremely ill. He also stated that the news that Jamie recently went to rehab for alcoholism was a lie.

Jamie Spears' health problem does not appear suddenly, she first had a problem with her kidneys in late August. According to media reports; Spears, who had knee replacement surgery more than fifteen years ago, may have somehow developed a terrible infection and the problem she is experiencing now may have originated from her knees.

While it is also stated that father Spears lost more than 25 kilos during his illness, it is said that Britney spears, who separated from her husband Sam Asghari in recent months, is also thinking of making peace with her father before it is too late.