Britain is repatriating some of Ghana's "crown jewels" 150 years after they were looted from the Asante King's palace.

According to the BBC, a golden peace pipe is among 32 items being returned under long-term loan agreements.

The Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A) will return 17 pieces and the British Museum 15. 

Among the items to be loaned are a state sword and gold badges believed to have been worn by officials tasked with cleansing the king's soul, many of which were captured during the wars between the British and Asante in the 19th century.

Ghana's chief negotiator said he hoped for "a new sense of cultural cooperation" after generations of anger.

Some national museums in Britain, including the V&A and the British Museum, are prohibited by law from permanently returning controversial artifacts from their collections, and such loan agreements are seen as a way of ensuring that the artifacts return to their country of origin.