The 7-year-old Prince Alemayehu, who was kidnapped from Ethiopia in 1868, died after living in England until the age of 18.

The UK gave a lock of the prince's hair to Ethiopia through a foundation instead of the body, which was repeatedly requested.

Prince Alemayehu was the son of Emperor Tewodros, who committed suicide after being defeated in the war against the British.

Along with the hair, some small items from the reign of Prince Alemayehu's father, Emperor Tewodros, were also returned.


Britain's decision was met with reaction in Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the UK "for delaying the return of historical artifacts and refusing to return the body".

The ministry called on the UK to "respect historical and cultural heritage".

During Britain's military intervention in Ethiopia in 1868, many historical artifacts were looted and taken to Britain.