Speaking to the British media, a Defense Ministry spokesperson shared details on the issue and noted that the ship will reach Guyana by the end of the month.

"HMS Trent will visit regional ally and Commonwealth member Guyana at the end of this month as part of some agreements in the region as part of its patrol mission in the Atlantic," the spokesperson said.

"HMS Trent" has been conducting patrols in the region since early December to combat drug trafficking in the Caribbean Sea.

David Rutley, the UK's Minister of State for the Americas, the Caribbean and Overseas Territories, visited Guyana last week and expressed his country's support.

Esequibo dispute

The dispute between Venezuela and Guyana over the Esequibo region dates back to the period before Guyana's independence.

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During the period when Guyana was a British colony, the Esequibo River was determined as Guyana's western border, according to a boundary arbitration award dated 1899.

However, Guyana, which gained independence in 1966 and joined the Commonwealth in 1970, did not recognize this border and declared that the Esequibo belonged to Guyana.

Currently known as the Esequibo region or "Guyana Esequiba", the region lies west of the Esequibo River in central Guyana and north of the country.

The region is said to be extremely rich in natural resources.