Nonetheless, he made a major breakthrough by rejecting the SEC's claim that Coinbase's Wallet services were acting as an unregistered broker.Breaking News! Historic Decision in the Case between Coinbase and SEC! How Many Dollars Is Bitcoin?

In the cryptocurrency world, it is a known fact that the SEC has caused great difficulties to the companies with the lawsuits filed by the SEC against the exchanges. The SEC, which increased its pressure last year, had Coinbase and Binance exchanges in the grip of the lawsuit. The Binance side could not withstand the pressure and came to an agreement, but things were not progressing in this way on the Coinbase side. In the past minutes, there has been a new development regarding the incident.
Following the news, Coinbase Global Inc (NASDAQ:COIN) shares traded on the US stock exchanges fell sharply. The price, which was at $ 267 at the start of trading, was hovering above $ 253, down 4.63% after the news.

What developments may follow this news is already a matter of curiosity. It is also predicted that the legal battles between the SEC and the stock exchanges will continue at full speed.

Decision moment in Bitcoin! Decision moment in Bitcoin!

How Many Dollars Was Bitcoin?

While all this was happening, the Bitcoin price also seemed to decline. After a 0.92 decrease in the last 24 hours, the BTC price was at $ 69,147.

Bitcoin market volume also fell to $1.36 trillion after a drop of nearly 2%, reflecting the decline in investor interest. On the other hand, BTC's 24-hour market volume also declined. After the decline, BTC's 24-hour market volume fell by more than 16% to $36.8 billion. This can be interpreted as a decrease in trading transactions.