Musk announced on the platform that the restrictions were lifted because the court ruling was unconstitutional, and called on Judge Alexandre de Moraes to "resign or be dismissed".

If X does not comply with the court order, he will be fined 20 thousand dollars a day. In his ruling, Judge Moraes wrote that Musk had launched a disinformation campaign against the Supreme Court.

The platform's Global Government Affairs team said the company was not allowed to say which accounts were affected, but Musk posted, "X will publish everything requested by Moraes and how these requests violate Brazilian law."

The profiles are believed to be linked to far-right movements that posted content related to riots in which thousands of supporters of Brazil's former President Jair Bolsonaro stormed the country's Congress, Supreme Court and presidential palace.

Moraes gained notoriety following his decisions to restrict social media platforms in the country.

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Brazil's Communications Minister Paulo Pimenta criticized Musk, stating in capital letters from his personal account that "social networks are not a lawless country." 

"We will not allow anyone to insult our homeland, regardless of the money and power they have," he added. The platform could be temporarily blocked if X decides not to comply with the order.