Two years have passed in the war between Russia and Ukraine. Western countries continue to provide military aid to the Ukrainian army in the operation launched by Russia to protect the Russian minority in Ukraine.

French President Emmanuel Macron signaled a move that will change the balances regarding the war, which continues at a stage where neither side has achieved a decisive victory. In the past days, French President Emmanuel Macron had argued that troops should be sent to Ukraine.

Macron told European leaders gathered to discuss further military aid to Ukraine that there was no consensus on sending troops to Ukraine, but that the option could not be ruled out.

"At this stage there is no consensus on sending troops," Macron said after hosting some 20 countries allied to Ukraine. Nothing should be ruled out. We will do everything we need to do so that Russia does not win." According to the French President's advisors, Russia has in recent weeks started to increase its military activity in Ukraine again.


But Russian politicians, who see themselves as Putin's allies, warned Macron:

Any troops you send to Ukraine will meet the same fate as Napoleon Bonaparte's Grand Army, whose invasion of Russia in 1812 ended in death and defeat.


Trump made an eventful post on social media! Trump made an eventful post on social media!

Photos of French President Emmanuel Macron boxing were published. The photos were claimed to be a message to the Russian leader and were characterized as Macron's mid-life crisis.