Previously, people who wanted to join Bluesky needed an invitation, which often meant requesting an invitation from an existing member.

Bluesky said this invitation period freed up time to install moderation tools and other features on the site.


Bluesky is similar to Twitter, which Elon Musk renamed X after buying it for $44 billion, but it does not yet offer direct messaging between users.

1782358Bluesky offers its users more personalization options, but it is not yet clear whether this will be appreciated.

It also displays the posts of the accounts you follow chronologically, but also allows you to jump to algorithm-driven timelines created by other users.


Lost mystery ship found after 120 years Lost mystery ship found after 120 years

The platform gained more than 850,000 users, bringing the total number of registrations to just over 4 million.

The surge in new users shows that there is still a lot of curiosity at Twitter about the platform, which started as an internal project in 2019.