Bitcoin looks weak! Bitcoin looks weak!

According to data shared by HODL15Capital on March 8, the BTC assets under management of the IBIT fund, which completed its ninth trading week, reached 196,88 units. IBIT had its third best week recently, adding 31,588 Bitcoin to its portfolio.

HODL15 revealed that another ETF holding six-digit Bitcoin in its portfolio is Fidelity Wise Open Bitcoin (FBTC). As of the ninth week, the FBTC fund manages 124,876 BTC.

Despite the high numbers recorded in BTC exchange traded funds, MicroStrategy, which made its last purchase last week, officially holds 193,000 BTC. The IBIT fund's latest move resulted in BlackRock overtaking Saylor's company in terms of volume.

The largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization is currently changing hands at $68,300.