Nigeria's Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) said in a statement that it remains committed to complying with tax regulations and combating financial impropriety in the cryptocurrency sector.

The statement noted that the FIRS filed a tax evasion charge against Binance at the High Court in the capital Abuja.

Binance is accused of failing to pay taxes, failing to file tax returns, helping platform users evade taxes and operating without registration in the country.

Last month, the Nigerian government blocked access to Binance as part of its efforts to stop illegal money transfer in the country and the depreciation of the local currency naira.

With 220 million people, Nigeria is Africa's most populous country, and its local currency, the naira, is hovering at its lowest level against the dollar in its history.

Nigeria's economy, which has rich oil and natural gas reserves, is negatively affected by problems such as income inequality, attacks by Boko Haram and armed gang members.

Some Nigerians living under difficult conditions in their country due to the economic crisis and security problems are trying to reach Europe illegally in the hope of a better life.