Overall, the documents released since last week have added few details to what was already known about Epstein's crimes. Attorney Alan Dershowitz said he wants all the evidence in the Epstein case to be released. Dershowitz said Monday on NewsNation's CUOMO program: "I want nothing more than to have videotapes of every room in Epstein's house, and I guarantee you there are no videotapes or audio recordings or anything that connects me to any young woman, because the only woman I had sexual relations with since the day I met Jeffrey Epstein was my wife."


Bill Gates had already lost his marriage because of his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, but he is about to lose much more, according to investigators who have revealed that the globalist billionaire is about to go on trial on child rape charges. Melinda Gates' divorce from her husband, Bill Gates, was alleged to have been heavily influenced by their relationship with Epstein, a convicted pedophile with an island full of underage sex slaves. If the charges are proven, Bill Gates could face life in prison.