"No major military operation in Rafah should take place without a viable plan to provide security and support to the more than 1 million people who have sought refuge there," Biden said after a phone call with Jordan's King Abdullah at the White House on Monday.

"People who have been displaced several times have fled north and are now stuck in Rafah; they are exposed and vulnerable. They need to be protected."

Biden said the US was working "day and night" to agree to a six-week break between Israel and Hamas that would be a stepping stone to a long-term ceasefire, and that key elements of the agreement had been identified. 

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King Abdullah also supported Biden's call for a long-term ceasefire. "We cannot stand by and allow this to continue. We need a long-term ceasefire right now. This war must end."

On Monday, Binyamin Netanyahu called the operation by Israeli forces to rescue two Israeli hostages from Rafah a "great success" and congratulated the soldiers involved. In support of the rescue attempt, Israel also launched air strikes on surrounding buildings, killing 67 Palestinians.Hamas later said Israeli hostages were also killed in the attack. 

The United States has been one of Israel's biggest supporters in the war since October 7, but Israel's disregard for civilian safety appears to have finally driven a wedge between Washington and Tel Aviv. According to US media reports, the Biden administration no longer sees Netanyahu as a partner "working in the common interest".Publications like NBC even claimed that Biden insulted Netanyahu in a private meeting with his staff.