As attacks on US bases in Iraq and Syria continue, US President Joe Biden has signaled that the United States may take action to protect its bases in those countries.

In his letter to Congress, Biden reminded that pro-Iranian militia groups have carried out a series of attacks against US personnel and facilities in Iraq and Syria, "These attacks have resulted in injuries to US personnel and have put the lives of both US personnel and coalition forces operating alongside US forces at serious risk."

"The strikes were intended to neutralize an ongoing series of attacks against the United States and our partners and to deter Iran and Iranian-backed militias from launching or supporting new attacks against U.S. personnel and facilities," Biden said in his letter, in which he stated that the U.S. military conducted strikes against the militias in Iraq and Syria in accordance with his order.

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Biden wrote a letter to Congress: Signaling operations in Iraq and Syria - 1
"The United States stands ready to take further steps, as necessary and appropriate, in the event of further threats or attacks," Biden said in his letter, adding that the attacks were carried out in accordance with international law within the constitutional framework and by exercising the US's inherent right of self-defense.


Following the start of Israel's attacks on the Gaza Strip on October 7, attacks on bases in Iraq and Syria where US-led international coalition forces are based have increased. Most of the attacks were claimed by the "Iraqi Islamic Resistance", a group of pro-Iranian Shiite militias.