Trump: I love Israel very much Trump: I love Israel very much

Chinese state media CCTV reported that the leaders agreed to restore high-level military communications.

Communication between the militaries of the two countries was cut off in 2022 when US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan.

The re-establishment of military dialogue was among the expectations of the US from the visit.

Sharing a message on the social media platform X after the meeting, US President Biden said, "It was one of the most constructive and productive meetings we have had."

Biden, who then appeared in front of the press, confirmed that they agreed to restore military communication between the two countries and said, "The reason why accidents happen is misunderstandings. So we are going back to direct, open and clear communication."

Biden added that a direct line of communication will be established between him and Xi Jinping.

Fighting the flow of fentanyl from China

One of the issues agreed upon during the meeting between Biden and Xi was the fight against fentanyl, a synthetic drug used to make synthetic drugs that is illegally brought into the US from China.

In his speech, Biden said that the parties will continue to work together again against drug trafficking:

"We are taking steps to cut off the flow of narcotics from China to the West. This is a life-saving step."

During the meeting with Xi, Biden said that "fentanyl has become one of the worst drug problems ever in the US," according to a senior official speaking to US media.

Last month, the US Treasury Department sanctioned 13 people and 12 companies in China and 1 person and 2 companies in Canada for "producing and selling fentanyl".

"We know that this global fentanyl supply chain, which has led to the deaths of Americans, often begins with chemical companies in China," said US Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Biden: Hamas is committing war crimes

At the press conference, Biden said that "global issues" such as Ukraine and Gaza were also important in his talks with Xi.

In response to a journalist's question, Biden claimed that Hamas "committed war crimes by placing weapons and militants under Al-Shifa Hospital."

Regarding the Israeli raid on the hospital, Biden said, "Israel is carefully targeting militants and ensuring the safety of patients."

On the other hand, the alleged presence of Hamas militants in Gaza's Shifa Hospital was denied by doctors and staff at the hospital.

'Do you still define Xi as a dictator?

Biden also answered the questions of journalists after his speech.

To a journalist's question "Do you still define Xi Jinping as a dictator?" Biden answered as follows:

"Look, he is a dictator in the sense that he runs a communist country based on a completely different form of government than we have."

Biden sparked a backlash from the Chinese side in June when he called Xi Jinping a "dictator" after a high-level meeting between the two countries' diplomats in Beijing.