Oh, Biden and the economy... They sound like an inseparable duo, don't they? The president's economic policies look like the lead actors of a show. What were we saying? "Is an innovative show starting?" Well, let's take a look.

First of all, there is the so-called "Green New Deal". Yes, this good intention to protect nature is certainly to be applauded, but it seems that tree-planting festivals and compassionate looks at wildlife are not enough to implement this plan. The government is not holding back from shaking the economy with another madness. It's like a big "Goodbye!" to the oil industry. Of course, a cloud of uncertainty still hangs over us as to how this decision will affect energy prices.

Then, of course, there is the huge development and infrastructure package.Builders and road construction companies must be rejoicing.The idea behind this plan is to stimulate the economy and reduce unemployment, which sounds good.However, it is not clear where the financing for this huge package will come from.But don't worry, it's likely to come out of the taxpaying billionaires' wallets somehow. Then, of course, there are the big economic support packages to mitigate the effects of the pandemic. When you look at the size of these packages, you might feel as if everyone is being given a year's vacation. But there is little clarity on where we are getting all this money and who will end up bearing the burden of debt.

All in all, Biden's economic policies are like a team preparing for the broadcast of a talk show: lots of drama, high-budget stunts and a couple of real tricks to keep the audience guessing.

However, it remains to be seen who will pay the ticket price for this show. Perhaps the best thing to do is to hand another microphone to the President, who we think is a real novice on the economic scene. Oh, you can't miss this show!