A neurologist gave information about the condition known as Saturday paralysis, which is seen in cases such as people who drink excessive alcohol, especially at the weekend, falling asleep in an inverted position that compresses the nerve, passing out by putting their arm on the edge of the chair or keeping the arm under pressure for a long time.

Uzm. Doctor, "This discomfort occurs as a result of tingling in the arms and hands, compression of the nerve roots and passes when the area is moved. Since these numbnesses cannot be recognized while intoxicated, the condition called Saturday night paralysis occurs." He also reminded that Saturday night paralysis can also be seen in campers staying in tents or athletes sleeping on hard ground.

Stating that people who are paralyzed cannot raise their hands when they wake up in the morning, the specialist doctor said, "In other words, prolonged compression of the nerve in an inappropriate position disrupts the function of the radial nerve, the hand falls, the fingers and wrist cannot be moved. Mostly, patients cannot understand what is happening and experience great panic."

In which position and how to sleep
The expert, who also made suggestions on which position and how to sleep in order to prevent discomfort, said, "At the night of drinking alcohol; It is extremely important to sleep in a soft and comfortable way so that the area between the shoulder and elbow is not under pressure. What is healthy and recommended is to sleep on your back. You can also consider simple measures such as drinking coffee before going to sleep to avoid going to bed very drunk."

Finally, speaking about the treatment, the neurologist concluded his words by saying, "The good news is that Saturday night paralysis will resolve spontaneously within a few hours, and rarely, in some severe cases, physical therapy, splint intervention may be required."