Israel: We received 200 airplanes of aid from the US Israel: We received 200 airplanes of aid from the US

Amnesty International's Crisis Response Programme has gathered compelling evidence documenting the Israeli military's use of white phosphorus shells in densely populated civilian areas of Gaza.

The videos and photos, verified by the organization's Crisis Evidence Lab, prove that Israel has used white phosphorus in Gaza, which it has been bombarding since 7 October.

The British media organization BBC interrupted the broadcast of its reporter who was talking about Israel's use of white phosphorus in Gaza.

"Of course, we are trying to broadcast in very difficult and dangerous conditions here," the presenter said, citing technical difficulties.


The International Media Information Association (UMED) shared images of the scandal and said, "Covering up the massacre and taking sides is not broadcasting. We strongly condemn it."


White phosphorus fumes, which are prohibited under international law for use in areas with dense civilian populations, can cause sudden lung injuries and suffocation when inhaled.

White phosphorus, which can cause second- and third-degree burns on the skin, easily ignites when it comes into contact with oxygen, and causes fires in addition to its explosive effect when used as a bomb.

Fires caused by white phosphorus bombs can spread over large areas, and these fires continue until the phosphorus in the area is exhausted.

The treatment of those exposed to white phosphorus, which is taken into the body through inhalation, contact or ingestion, and which adheres to many surfaces, is very difficult due to the contagious nature of the substance. People who treat injuries caused by the bomb must therefore receive special training to protect themselves.

It is stated that exposure to the substance at regular intervals can lead to severe deformation of the jawbone, causing it to fracture.