Biden's son agrees to testify on one condition Biden's son agrees to testify on one condition

Musk spoke to the British national news agency PA Media at the Artificial Intelligence Security Summit organized in the UK.

Pointing out that artificial intelligence is one of the biggest threats, Musk said, "For the first time, we are facing something that will be smarter than even the smartest human."

Musk said that although humans are not the fastest or the strongest creatures, they are the smartest, and noted that artificial intelligence will be smarter.

Emphasizing that artificial intelligence should be used for the benefit of humanity, Musk said, "I think artificial intelligence is one of the existential risks we face and the most urgent one."

Speaking about the Artificial Intelligence Security Summit, the first event organized in the world in the field of artificial intelligence security, Musk stated that the timing of the event was very accurate.

The event, which is the first summit in its field, is being held at Bletchley Park in Milton Keynes, where the codes of Nazi Germany were broken and the foundations of computers for decoding were laid.

Within the scope of the two-day event, the use of artificial intelligence for the public good and its risks will be discussed.