Instagram tests unskippable ads Instagram tests unskippable ads

Artificial intelligence-powered tools have become more and more widespread in recent times. In this context, we can now convert texts into visuals, create personal assistants and even talk to a chatbot of our choice. However, the work of developers in this field continues unabated. Now, we will tell you about a new artificial intelligence-powered tool that is touted as "the world's first personal entertainment companion".

Called "Pix" and available worldwide as of today, the AI-powered tool is basically a chat bot similar to ChatGPT. However, the purpose of this chatbot is to recommend personalized books, movies and podcasts. Using OpenAI-developed artificial intelligence language models GPT 3.5 and GPT 4 and trained with 600 million data points, the AI will help users who want to watch or read something but can't decide.

The team behind Pix is backed by Microsoft founder Bill Gates. By the way, one of the most impressive features of Pix is that it can be used as a routine. Users will be able to receive daily advice via e-mail. And if you install the Likewise mobile app on a smart TV, you can switch directly to the content in question.

Editor: David Goodman