Hurricanes: An average of 15 hurricanes are expected in the Atlantic Ocean in 2024. Some of these hurricanes could be large enough to cause major damage and loss of life.
Wildfires: Wildfires in the western United States are expected to continue in 2024. These fires could destroy large areas and cause the evacuation of thousands of people.
Drought: Parts of the US are expected to experience drought in 2024. This drought could negatively affect agricultural production and cause water shortages.
Storms: Every region of the US is expected to experience storms in 2024. These storms could cause damage such as flooding, hail and wind.
Disaster preparedness:

US authorities are warning citizens to be prepared for natural disasters. These warnings include the following:

Make a disaster plan and share it with your family.
Prepare disaster supplies. These should include food, water, medical supplies and first aid supplies.
Follow disaster news and heed warnings from authorities.