When the images are analysed, it is seen that the video was created by combining three separate parts. The first part of the video shows a frozen sheep, while the second part shows two dogs freezing while standing. Even a mouse frozen on the head of one of the dogs in this video draws attention. In the last part, a Sayga Antelope, a species native to Central Asia, is seen frozen standing.

Although it is difficult to believe the images in this state, the claim that it happened in -80 degree weather makes us ask the question "could it be real?".

The images were recorded in Kazakhstan in 2021

When we search for the footage through reverse image search, we see that the video was also circulated in 2021. It is stated that the footage, which appeared both in Turkey and in foreign media, was filmed in Kazakhstan. 

The footage was also covered in Kazakhstan media. Tengri News has two separate news articles about two separate images in the video. It is possible to analyse the news with the help of translation. 

In the first part of the news report, which includes the video of the frozen sheep, it is stated that the video was shot in Zhansugirov, a village close to Almaty. It is stated that the person in the video said in Kazakh: "6 January 2021, a sheep froze in Zhansugirov".

In other news, it was written that the footage of two dogs freezing standing was recorded in Almaty. The article also included the opinions of veterinarian Kristina Taran. Taran said that the footage could not be real because if animals die of frostbite, they take a curled up position and breathe their last breath. She also stated that it is not possible for animals to freeze while walking. 

Taran thinks that the animals that froze to death in the lying position were then brought to the position in the video. He also points out that the animal images in the video were taken from one side and that the hairs on the other side would probably appear tangled due to their lying position. 

Another point Taran emphasises is the position of the paws of the standing dogs. According to Taran, the paws of the dogs are very close to each other, indicating that they were frozen in the lying position and then lifted to their feet.

A similar detail is noticeable in the video showing the frozen sheep. The sheep's front legs are almost intertwined with each other and its body is not in the position of a natural standing sheep.

The difference between the sheep's right ear and left ear is also noticeable. It is possible to see that the right ear of the sheep, whose left ear is bent, is almost adjacent to the body. Considering the snow marks on the right side of the sheep's fur, it can be said that the sheep died lying on its right side. In this case, the possibility that the sheep was later brought to a standing position is quite strong.

With the information we have obtained from open sources, we can reveal that it is very strong that the images are a work of fiction. Nevertheless, one question remains in our minds: Can animals really freeze to death on the move?

The temperature in Yakutia has never dropped to -80 degrees centigrade

Yakutia is an autonomous republic in the east of Russia with a very large area. It is also called the Republic of Sakha.
When we look at the temperature data in Yakutia in December, it is seen that there is not a day that falls to -80 degrees. In the region, where the average temperature in December was -39 degrees, the most remarkable temperature drop during the month was experienced on 1 December. It is seen that the air, which was -15 degrees on 1 December, dropped to -28 degrees during the day. However, considering the monthly average, it can be said that -15 degrees is a deviation. 

Apparently, the temperature dropped to -21 degrees in Almaty, Kazakhstan on January 2021, the date the images were taken. The coldest temperature in Kazakhstan on this date was measured in the capital Astana with -35 degrees. However, similar temperatures were frequently experienced throughout the month in regions that usually fall to this temperature at night. So the weather in the region is not very unusual. 

In Yakutia, one of the coldest regions of the world, the average winter temperature is -40 degrees. The lowest temperature ever recorded was measured as approximately -64 degrees. 

The world's lowest temperature record was recorded in Antarctica on 21 July 1983 at -89.2 degrees. In the winter season in Antarctica, the temperature drops below -80 degrees Celsius.

Despite all the findings we have, some question marks remain in our minds. For example, how were the animals brought there, did they really freeze to death, could the animals in the video be stuffed animals, etc. We cannot get answers from open sources. For this reason, we mark our analysis as "not concluded".