In Apple's statement, it was reported that due to the regulatory uncertainties introduced by the Digital Markets Act (DMA), three of the new features introduced - iPhone mirroring, SharePlay screen sharing improvements and Apple Intelligence - are not believed to be available to EU users this year.

The statement expressed concern that some of the DMA's requirements could compromise the integrity of Apple products, putting user privacy and data security at risk.

Apple also stated that it is committed to co-operating with the European Commission to find a solution that will enable them to offer these features to EU customers without compromising their security.

This month, Apple introduced its long-awaited artificial intelligence technology "Apple Intelligence" as well as new updates and innovations in the field of artificial intelligence.

Boeing to plead guilty: Fines at the door! Boeing to plead guilty: Fines at the door!

With the DMA in the EU, new rules were introduced to limit the market power of large digital platforms.

Editor: David Goodman