According to The Hill newspaper, there has been some disagreement over whether the reconstruction of the bridge in the state of Maryland should be funded by the state or the government.

Biden's promise that the huge cost of rebuilding the bridge would be covered from the federal budget drew the reaction of some Republicans on the grounds that the bridge is a problem that should be solved by the state government.

Republican senators pointed to Congress' 2024 spending package and warned that Washington should not go further into debt.

Some liberal politicians also questioned Biden's decision, arguing that the company to which the cargo ship belongs should also cover part of the cost.

Ralph Norman, a Republican member of the House of Representatives, said in a statement, "It is completely absurd that the federal government is paying for the bridge."

Jamal Simmons, former communications director for US Vice President Kamala Harris, underlined that the bridge did not collapse due to an earthquake, but because a ship lost control and crashed into it, and asked, "(Shouldn't the ship company) be partly responsible for its repair?"
On the other hand, some Democrats argued that the bridge crossed the state border and is of national importance in terms of its reconstruction, and found Biden's statements that the bridge will be rebuilt at the expense of the federal budget appropriate.
The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, was hit by a large cargo ship at around 01:30 local time on Tuesday, and a fire broke out on the ship after the impact.

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While part of the 2.57-kilometer-long bridge collapsed due to the impact, many vehicles on the bridge fell into the waters of the Patapsco River during the impact.

"We will rebuild the harbor and bridge here with federal resources. We expect Congress to support this effort." Biden stated that they will start working to rebuild the bridge, which he himself has used many times, as soon as possible.

Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen, who has represented Maryland in the National Congress since 2003, said on Tuesday that it is not yet known how much the total cost of rebuilding the bridge will be.

Hollen stated that 90 percent of the cost will be covered from the federal emergency fund and the remaining 10 percent from state funds.