A Romanian court has ruled that self-described misogynist social media influencer Andrew Tate can leave Romania but must remain within the borders of the European Union while awaiting trial on charges of human trafficking and rape.

The ruling by the court in the Romanian capital Bucharest means that Tate, his brother Tristan and two other defendants can travel freely within EU countries until the trial, CNN's Antena 3 reported.


Tate's lawyer called the verdict "a significant victory in their ongoing case and a major step forward."

Interesting detail in Epstein case: Prosecutors were aware of the abuse! Interesting detail in Epstein case: Prosecutors were aware of the abuse!

"We embrace and applaud the court's decision today, and I see it as a reflection of my clients' exemplary behavior and assistance. Andrew and Tristan are still determined to clear their names and reputations, but they are grateful that the courts have given them that confidence," the lawyer said after the verdict.


In a video posted on social media platform X, Andrew Tate called the case against him a "fraud". Openly mocking the court's decision and the charges against him, Tate said, "My judges have decided... I am allowed to leave Romania. But do I take the Ferrari SF90 to Italy, do I take the Maserati MC20 to Cannes, do I take the Ferrari 812 Competition to Paris, where do I go?"

This example of courage was interpreted as a behavior in line with Tate's online fame, which has been viewed billions of times in recent years with her critical posts about male domination, women's rights and wealth on TikTok.


The Tate brothers and two Romanian nationals were arrested in December 2022 and formally indicted in June 2023 on charges of human trafficking, rape and forming a criminal gang to sexually abuse women.

Prosecutors in the Romanian court argued that the Tate brothers seduced victims by making false claims that they wanted a relationship or marriage with them.

Editor: David Goodman