The groups, which gathered with the announcement made by the organization called "Jewish Voice for Peace" (JVP) on the social media platform, occupied the main passenger hall of Grand Central, New York's largest train station.

Hundreds of Jewish-Americans, wearing black T-shirts, chanted and carried signs reading "Palestine must be free", "Ceasefire, now", "Take over Grand Central demanding an immediate ceasefire", and "Be with us on the right side of history".

Biden announces temporary ceasefire Biden announces temporary ceasefire

On the social media platforms of the Jewish-owned civil society organizations JVP and IfNotNow, simultaneously with the protest, a statement read, "Already 7,000 Palestinians have been killed and more than a million displaced. Israeli leaders continue to openly use genocide rhetoric."

Members of the Jewish organization chanted "We will not allow genocide to be committed in our name" and "Immediate ceasefire" during a protest demanding an "immediate ceasefire" for Gaza.

"As the Israeli government starves, bombs and occupies the people of Gaza in the dark, our actions in the coming days and weeks will determine our lives," the IfNotNow group said in a post on the X platform.