The Joe Biden administration is preparing to enact the new practice that requires artificial intelligence companies to report security test results to the government.

The White House Artificial Intelligence Council will meet to evaluate the changes made within the scope of the decree signed by Biden 3 months ago regarding the prevention of risks arising from artificial intelligence.

Ben Buchanan, the White House's special adviser on artificial intelligence, said in a statement that the government wants to know whether artificial intelligence systems are safe before they are offered to the public, and Biden is clear that companies must meet this rule.

Noting that they are aware of the potential of artificial intelligence, Buchanan stated that they are trying to make sure that regulators manage this technology.

In the US, only software companies are required to conduct certain security tests, whereas currently companies are not required to do so.


The US administration issued a comprehensive decree aimed at preventing risks arising from artificial intelligence and introduced new standards for artificial intelligence security.Under the decree, organizations must set standards for security testing and address cybersecurity risks.New rules are being introduced to detect and verify AI-generated content to protect individuals from fraud.It also aims to establish an advanced cybersecurity program to find and fix vulnerabilities in software.