US military plane crashes into ocean US military plane crashes into ocean

The United States has begun to protect the illegal armed Armenian elements kneeling in the Azerbaijani territory of Karabakh.

Members of Congress are calculating steps to support Armenia.

House of Representatives Member Brad Sherman suggested that the US should arm Armenia with appropriate defense weapons to prevent the "occupation".

Request for arms shipments to Armenia

Using the example of Ukraine, Sherman emphasized the need to support the Yerevan government:

It makes little sense to say that Ukraine should not lose territory to armed aggression, but Armenian territorial integrity is not in the US national interest.

As I said 10 years ago, we should have armed Ukraine more before the 2014 invasion.

Senator Gary Peters has introduced a bill to ban US security assistance to Azerbaijan.

Anti-Azerbaijan call: Stop security assistance

In a statement in which he sought to create perceptions against Baku, Peters said:

The Azerbaijani government has made it clear that it can and will use its military resources to carry out violent attacks against the people of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh.

We must pass this legislation to block additional American aid to Azerbaijan until it ends its aggression in the region.

Last week, Peters called for the Treasury Department and State Department to sanction certain Azerbaijani government officials.

France: We are studying Armenia's defense needs

On the other hand, French Defense Minister Sebastien Lecornu said that they are examining Armenia's defense needs.

In an interview with Franceinfo, Lecornu said that French President Emmanuel Macron is personally following the situation in Armenia.

"Macron is personally following up"

Asked whether they would intervene militarily in support of Armenia, Lecornu said:

The President of the Republic is personally following this issue, which is important for many French people who love Armenia or have ties with Armenia.

The question of military intervention

On the question of possible military intervention, Lecornu said that he did not believe that it could happen, but that it was up to Macron to answer this question:

In any case, looking at the requests for Armenia to be able to defend itself is of course something we do.