Richard Beauvais, who lives in British Columbia, Canada, lived his life for years thinking he was a French native. In 2020, a home DNA test revealed that he was Ukrainian, Polish and Ashkenazi Jewish.

Two years later, a woman named Evelyn Stocki, who lived in Winnipeg, not far from the region, also took a DNA test and was found to be Beauvais' biological sister.

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In 1955, the mystery was solved when it was revealed that Stocki, Beauvais and his brother Eddy Ambrose were born on the same day in a hospital in Manitoba. Beauvais and Ambrose had been given to the wrong families.

132987914 Cp170264527After the incident was revealed, Manitoba Premier Wab Kinew apologized to the pair. "I'm taking the floor today to make an apology that should have been made much earlier. This incident has affected two children, a pair of parents and two families across many generations," Kinew said.


Born on June 28, 1955 at Arborg Hospital, the two brothers are now fighting for justice. In a statement, Ambrose said, "My life was stolen. It will not come back. I lost time, but now I have time."

Ambrose said he was retired, while Beauvais said, "The hardest part was calling my two older sisters and telling them I was not their brother."

Ambrose and Beauvais, now 69, said they hope to receive compensation from the state for the grave mistake.

Editor: John Wickey