The US government has admitted to organizing flights to bring illegal immigrants into the country to reduce the number of migrants crossing the border. Under this program, thousands of undocumented migrants were secretly flown from foreign airports directly to US cities last year. But Customs and Border Protection refused to release information about these flights.

This means that while a record number of migrants entered the country through the southern border last year, the Biden administration also smuggled them directly into the country.


Included in the details of the Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, the Center for Immigration Studies revealed that during 2023, Biden approved secret flights that transported hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from foreign countries to at least 43 different American airports.

The program was part of Biden's expansion of the "CBP One" phone app early last year.

Under this expansion, migrants were able to use the app to apply for asylum in their home countries. The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) notes that one of the lesser-known uses of the app is to transport migrants directly to the US.


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Immigrants who cannot enter the US legally use "CBP One" to apply for travel authorization and temporary humanitarian evacuation from these airports.

Through this entry, migrants can stay in the US for two years without obtaining legal status, and will be eligible for work authorization in the meantime.The administration said it would not disclose which airports undocumented aliens are being transported to.The lawyers also did not disclose the locations of the foreign airports, making it unclear where the migrants came from.Republicans insist that the southern border is not secure and are demanding that Biden implement stricter protocols between the US and Mexico.

Editor: David Goodman