A solar system with 6 planets discovered A solar system with 6 planets discovered

Franchetti's nomination for the US Navy Command was voted in the Senate.

In the vote, Franchetti was appointed as the Commander of the US Navy with 95 senators voting "yes" against the "no" vote of 1 senator. Franchetti thus became "the first woman to lead the US Navy".

Franchetti, who served as the head of the US 6th Fleet and the US Navy in South Korea, has been serving in the navy for 38 years.

Franchetti was the second woman in US history to be appointed to the rank of "admiral".

On the other hand, Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville continues to block hundreds of people nominated for different positions in the Pentagon.

US President Joe Biden nominated Admiral Lisa Franchetti to head the US Navy on July 22.

The "abortion" crisis between Senator Tuberville and the Pentagon

On June 24, 2022, the US Supreme Court overturned the 1973 "Roe v. Wade decision", which constitutionally guaranteed the right to abortion throughout the country, and laws on this issue were left to the discretion of the states.

The Pentagon had introduced a new regulation to cover the cost of abortions for soldiers in states where abortion is banned.

Alabama Senator Tuberville wrote a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, accusing the Pentagon of trying to "circumvent the abortion ban decisions" with this regulation, reminding him that the information session requested by the Ministry was canceled, and announced that he would suspend all appointments that would come before him.

On July 10, the Pentagon announced that 650 leadership positions in the military will be vacant by the end of this year and that 365 generals and admirals are awaiting appointments so far.

By law in the US, all administration nominees must be confirmed by the Senate.

In general, Pentagon appointments are approved in blocks through unanimous consent without coming to the floor of the Senate to keep them away from political debates and speed up the process.

If a senator objects, the nominees cannot be voted on.