The project is funded and supported by Japan. While the government stands behind the restoration, which will take at least 3 years, many experts react to the project. The pyramid restoration is also criticized on social media. Some experts liken the project to "fixing the Pizza Tower".

Following the criticism, the Egyptian government appointed a commission of experts to review the project.

However, it is unclear whether the project will change as a result of the review. Because work on the pyramid continues.

Restoration work at the Pyramid of Mikerinos.

Ibraheem Badr, an academic at Misr University in Cairo, described the project as a "disaster" in a message posted on X, saying:

"They need to read the universal rules for restoration. Especially the ones regarding historical buildings in Egypt."

Badr criticized the Egyptian authorities for approving the project without consulting experts: "How can the pyramid be covered with a decision taken without consulting restoration experts and archaeologists?"

Salima Ikram, a researcher at the American University in Cairo, said in a Facebook post that even if the restoration "seems like a very good idea," projects that are considered a good idea today are often criticized 10 years later.

The Pyramid of Mikerinos, also known as the Menkaure Pyramid, is 62 meters high. It is the smallest structure among the pyramids of Giza.

It is estimated that the pyramid was completed in 2510 BC.