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A robotic arm tasked with lifting pepper boxes and transferring them to pallets at the Donggoseong Export Agricultural Complex food facility in South Korea's South Gyeongsang province seriously injured a person in his 40s during the test, causing his death.

It was stated that the deceased person was an employee of the company that produced the robot arm, and that the robot arm caught the company employee during the test, unable to distinguish him from the pepper boxes he was programmed to carry, and crushed his face and chest as he pushed his body towards the conveyor belt.

The company employee, who was seriously injured in the incident, reportedly died in the hospital.

In a statement made by the police, it was stated that the company employee was checking the robot's sensor operations before the test scheduled for November 8.

According to reports in the South Korean press, the test was originally planned for November 6, but was postponed for two days due to problems with the robot's sensor.

On the other hand, last March, a South Korean man in his 50s was severely injured by a robot while working in a factory producing auto parts.

Editor: David Goodman