The art world was shocked by the 1 billion dollar corruption case. The news on the subject in Sözcü is as follows:

The Wildenstein Family, described as "the biggest dynasty in the art world", is in danger of losing its fortune due to a corruption case.

The tax evasion case against French businessman Guy Wildenstein, who owns a huge fortune with the world-famous artworks his family has collected for more than 100 years, has made a big noise in the world. The Wildenstein family, who owns a collection of works by famous artists, went on trial this week on charges of art corruption and tax evasion worth 1 billion dollars.

Guy Wildenstein, 77, is accused of money laundering and tax evasion in the case that could lead to the collapse of the Wildenstein dynasty, which has had a significant impact on the art market since the emergence of Impressionist artists. The prosecution describes the charges as "the longest and most complex tax corruption in French history".

The famous businessman, who denies the accusations, could not only lose his fortune but also go to jail if he is found guilty in the trial, which is expected to conclude next month.

The family, which rose rapidly after Wildenstein's grandfather Nathan, a Jewish tailor, became an art collector in the 1870s, has faced similar accusations before.


Sylvia, the ex-wife of Wildenstein's father Daniel, sued the family claiming that she had been deceived by Guy Wildenstein and his brother Alec and lost her inheritance. Claude Dumont Beghi, the lawyer of Sylvia, who later died, said: "This case is about a family of 4 generations who live in great secrecy and organize their assets in such a way that they do not pay taxes. They control everything. There is no place for women in this empire controlled by men."

The Wildenstein Dynasty, which is also close to the British royal family, has a huge art collection consisting of masterpieces by Caravaggio, Picasso, Monet and Rembrandt.

The family allegedly hides these works in nuclear bunkers and ports for tax evasion. Some of the works are exhibited in the world's leading museums.