Since Warren Buffett took over as CEO in the mid-1960s, he's overseen a pretty impressive 5,000,000% aggregate return. That compares quite favorably to the nearly 35,000% total return, including dividends, delivered by the S&P 500 over the same span. His incredible track record has made Buffett a popular figure on Wall Street, with many investors looking to emulate his success.

Based on Berkshire Hathaway's latest Form 13F filing with the SEC and what Buffett said at the company's annual shareholder meeting last month, he and his top investment aides, Ted Weschler and Todd Combs, are managing 44 stocks and two exchange-traded funds in the company's $375 billion portfolio. But not all 44 of these stocks are the same.

Toshiba made a statement about the dismissed workers! Toshiba made a statement about the dismissed workers!

While many of the companies Buffett invests in tend to rise in value over time, some are more attractive than others right now. Here are three Warren Buffett stocks that stand out as great buys for June (and beyond).


The first amazing Warren Buffett stock that long-term investors won't regret adding to their portfolios in June is payment-processing giant Mastercard (NYSE: MA).

The biggest challenge Mastercard faces (which is also a major opportunity) is that it's cyclical. Most financial stocks ebb and flow with the health of the U.S. and/or global economy. If certain predictive indicators or money-based metrics are accurate in signaling a coming recession, consumer and enterprise spending would be expected to decline.

But here's the thing: economic cycles aren't always predictable. While three-quarters of the 12 U.S. recessions since World War II were resolved in under a year, most periods of growth last multiple years. When the U.S. and global economy are growing, Mastercard tends to enjoy long expansions.

Editor: Albert Owen