Biden announces temporary ceasefire Biden announces temporary ceasefire

According to The New York Post, police received a report of an armed attack after midnight local time from a Halloween party in Indianapolis, Indiana.

According to the first determinations, one person lost his life and 8 people were injured in the attack.

In Tampa, Florida, police said a fight broke out between people leaving party venues after the celebrations ended.

Guns were fired in the fight; according to the first determinations, 2 people were killed and 18 people were injured.

Police noted that one of the attackers surrendered, it is not known whether this person participated in the celebrations.

According to ABC7 Chicago news website, police reported that 15 people were wounded in the armed attack in Chicago, Illinois at around 01:00 local time, 2 of them in serious condition.

The suspect who fled after opening fire on the group gathered for Halloween celebrations was captured.