According to a statement made by the Swedish Academy, this year's prize was awarded to Fosse for his "innovative plays and prose that give voice to the unspeakable".

Jon Fosse

Jon Fosse was born on September 29, 1959 in Haugesund, Norway.

He studied "comparative literature" at the University of Bergen and his first novel "Raudt, svart" (Red, Black), written in Nynorsk, one of the two writing standards of the Norwegian language, was published in 1983.

His first play "Og aldri skal vi skiljast (And We Will Never Part)" It was staged in 1994.

Fosse's novels, short stories, poems, children's books, essays and plays have been translated into more than 40 languages, and he was ranked 83rd in The Daily Telegraph's list of the 100 best living geniuses.

Fosse was awarded the 2015 Nordic Council Literature Prize for his "Andvake" trilogy.

The 64-year-old Fosse, one of the most frequently staged playwrights in his country, has written nearly 40 plays, as well as novels, short stories, children's books, poems and essays.

Anders Olsson, a member of the Nobel Literature Committee, emphasized that Fosse's work is based on "the language and nature of his Norwegian roots".

This year, Japanese writer Haruki Murakami, Canadian writer Margaret Atwood and Iranian writer Salman Rushdie were among the nominees.

The Nobel Prize winners will receive a cash prize of 11 million Swedish kronor (about $1 million) from the estate of Swedish inventor Alfred Nobel, along with an 18-carat gold medal and diplomas from the Nobel Prize at a ceremony in December.

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Last year the prize was awarded to French writer Annie Ernaux. In the words of the Swedish Academy, Ernaux won the prize for the "courage and sharpness" of her books, which are based on her small-town background in the Normandy region of northwestern France.