The recycling and waste dump in Newport, Wales, has become the target of treasure hunters. The facility is believed to hold 1.5 billion dollars worth of Bitcoin. Authorities are on alert against treasure hunters' attempts with metal detectors.


Early crypto investor James Howells, 38, has launched a legal battle for his Bitcoins, which he claims are in this facility. Ten years ago, Howells accidentally threw away a hard disk on which he had stored 8,000 Bitcoins. Howells said the value of the Bitcoins was £4 million when they were thrown away. As of today, the value of Bitcoins is equivalent to 412 million pounds.


The authorities of the municipality-run landfill have also taken some steps. The landfill, which is believed to hold around 1.5 billion pounds of Bitcoin, is trying to protect it from treasure hunters. In this context, the security of the site has been increased and it has been monitored by cameras 24 hours a day.

5-100While the outcome of Howells' efforts to save his fortune remains uncertain, it is stated that at least 100 thousand tons of garbage buried under the grassy hills need to be excavated.

Newport Municipality officials expressed concern about the area to be excavated. Officials stated that there is no evidence that Howells' hard disk is in the facility and that the excavations will harm the environment.

Bitcoin, which continued its rise in 2024, is trading at 64 thousand 972 dollars as of today. Bitcoin approached the 74 thousand dollar band in March.